Asset Evaluation & Field Development Plan

The core of our business is finding new oil and gas opportunities and optimizing
existing ones through diligent data interpretation, result analysis and
proposition of strategic development plan.

Asset Evaluation & Field Dev Plan

Degeconek started its core business in 1993 in the area of seismic and petro-physical interpretation and also pioneered the use of computer workstation in Nigeria by an indigenous service company in 1998. The Lagos office is equipped with five Unix-based and two Windows-based workstations.

Software includes Landmark OpenWorks, Geographix, Hampson-Rusell, RockDoc, OpenDTect and PowerLog. Other peripherals at the center include HP 800CM plotter, Printer, A0 Scanner, Neuralog Scanner and tape drives.

Detailed oil and gas project evaluation services include the following:-

  • Seismic Data Interpretation
  • Formation Evaluation
  • Mapping
  • Volumetrics calculation and reserve estimates
  • Resource classification and calculation (Play, Lead, Prospect, Contingent & Reserve)
  • Reserves and Production Estimation; Volumetric, Material balance, Production history, Analogy
  • Reserve Audit and Competent Person’s Report
  • Oil and Gas field development strategies including evacuation, utilization and commercialization