Adesola Falana

Senior Reservoir Geologist

Adesola Falana

Adesola is a geoscientist with several years of experience in hydrocarbon resource management.

He has worked as an integral member of our asset evaluation team, contributing to the success of various projects ranging from seismic data interpretation, brown field optimization, well planning, monitoring onsite workstations support and well log evaluation.

Having been a member of a multi-disciplinary team that proposes field development plans (FDP) including the economic viability of such, he has participated in several projects in field evaluation, basin analysis, petroleum migration pathway studies, due diligence monitoring, and 3D reservoir static modeling for various purposes such as reservoir optimization, resource estimation, well planning and reservoir management.

He is a member of many professional associations such as NAPE, AAPG, SEG, and GSA. His publications include; Organic Geochemistry and Biomarker Evaluation of Shale Units of Maastrichtian Patti Formation, Bida Basin, Nigeria. NAPE Bulletin, V19 No1 (April 2006)